Educational Workshops

This important first step is where the journey of creating a water-tight estate plan sets sail.


Generations Legal Services hosts a variety of educational workshops. Our nationally recognized program addresses the critical issues innate in family estate planning. These workshops are specifically designed to help families dip their toes into the big pool of understanding the complex processes and many variables involved. These informal gatherings deliver step-by-step, valuable information in a comfortable setting. We have hosted workshops at senior living facilities, large churches, community centers and other venues.

We walk you logically through the whys and hows of protecting your family and ensuring your intentions are fulfilled. There are so many critical details to consider in building a solid, intelligent and secure estate plan:

  • Whether to create a will or a trust
  • The need for a power of attorney and a healthcare directive
  • Avoid the time and hassle of probate
  • Preserve generational wealth with important tax planning
  • Address and protect unique family situations

Prevent misunderstandings, confusion and quarrels within families

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