We are now at about day 30 and the estate project is nearing completion, we just need signatures, and term funding will begin to mean something pretty important in your overall estate plan. We invite your children to join if you like and we can go through a "fire drill" of the documents. This will help everyone understand what document to use and when. We will also review each and every asset within your estate, including but not limited to; real estate, bank accounts, investment accounts, 401K, life insurance policies, etc. This is a VERY important step and is managed by a subject matter expert. Once these steps are completed your estate plan project is done, congratulations!


CONGRATULATIONS! You have made the decision to create your estate plan. This is where the fun begins! Your Generations Legal Services team will work with one of the best estate lawyers to start the project. The project will take 30-45 days to complete. During this time the team will be working hard on your behalf to gather data, documents, and other key information to assist the attorney in drafting your estate plan documents.


Generations Legal Services hosts a variety of educational workshops across Minnesota. These workshops are created to help families understand the estate planning process, how it works and what’s needed to build a strong estate plan. One that avoids probate, avoids fighting and helps families preserve loved one’s assets from generation to generation. We have hosted these workshops at senior living facilities, Large churches, community centers and a variety of different venues. 



Whether you attended a workshop, were referred by a friend, or just decided its time to get “things” in order; the review is where it all begins. This is a complimentary meeting with a staff member of Generations Legal Services. The “review” consists of reviewing you and all the details that make up your estate.


We will discuss the basics of an estate plan and how the different instruments work together, we may also have at the meeting, subject matter experts depending on the complexity of the estate.